Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poonie Goes To The Vet

(This post is by Poonie's human due to his, um, somewhat incapacitated state).

This is what happens when you hiss and growl at the vet.

Note: not only are Poonie's eyes glazed and his tongue hanging out of his head, but he is BEING HELD by the vet tech.  NO ONE holds Poonie.

Drugs are good (well, at least in his case).


  1. That is the funniest thing ever!! Poonie will get you for this!! ;)

  2. oh poor Poonie!! i hope nothing is wrong...i hope that it is just a routine check-up. i know this sounds crazy, but i looked longingly at his little cat nose. i love cat noses..they are velvety, yet...the only word i can think of is stiff...i love to rub my nose against a cat's nose...i bet Poonie wouldn't like that either......

  3. Cats shouldn't do drugs! Poonie could be the next poster-cat for the anti-drug lobby!

  4. Poonie looks like a poster cat for Medical Kitty Weed.