Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye Poonie

Now he's with Mom.  I didn't think I would cry this much over such a mean old cat, but we'd gotten pretty close over the years.  This will be our last post.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays From the Woof & Meow Gang

Why is Boogie looking so happy?  Is it because she wants everyone to see how white is her belly?  Or  how long are her claws?  Mais non, my friends . . .

Boogie is happy because she wants you to see how all four critters are sharing the sunshine!  When it's cold and Mom won't turn on the furnace, here's how the gang stays warm.  And no, it's not because of the empty box of Burnett's vodka.

Due to the fact that Poonie is LOATHE to get too close to anyone, he's at the veeerrrrrryyyy edge of the sunshine.  "Hey," says Boogie.  "More for me, you idiot."

Holly and Boo don't have issues--as you can see, Boo is getting as much on his belly as possible.  Holly is finished with her heartworm treatments and is feeling great!

Look!  Can you spot Petey the Elf? 

Best holiday wishes to all!  Peace on earth, good will to animals (oh, and people, too).

Love, Holly & BooBoo & Boogie & Poonie

Monday, December 7, 2009

Face Off!!!!!

Boo:  "Oh good grief!  I thought I was safe cuz Poonie can't jump on the table.  Now here's this creepy little kid with glittering blue eyes who just keeps staring at me.  He never moves.  Just stares.  I'm doomed."

Poonie:  "What a moron."