Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Geese Behind Bars

Rita and Freida have been banned from our yard! The human keeps telling the neighbor that we don't mind them coming over to see us (even with all the pooping in the garage) since he spends the day away at his Angus operation and the wife works as a public health nurse but he's a firm believer in the saying, "Good fences make good neighbors" and that means keeping his animals on HIS side of the good fence. So the poor geesies are alone most of the day and whenever they hear ANY noise from our side (i.e., talking, barking, car door slamming, ants scurrying--like I said, ANY noise), they start honking up a storm and race over to the fence to say hello. Then they start trying to figure out how to get under the fence but the neighbor has unfortunately plugged all the holes. So then the "sad" honking starts. The human gets affected by all this sadness and that translates to being in a bad mood and THAT translates into her ignoring me sitting patiently by my food dish. Today she actually said, "Look Poonie--you've got it better than any of the other animals around here, so quit bugging me about the food all the time!" Can you imagine?! Feeling sorry for a stupid goose?! Mark my word, the next time she puts her hand down to pet my head, whammo! I WILL bite the hand that (hardly ever, as far as I'm concerned) feeds me!