Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sisterly Love, As Expressed By Humans

The human who lives here got this email today from her sister:

You know how I am about spelling, right? If someone makes a mistake just in an email or something, I’ll let it go. But you misspelled a word on your kitty blog, and I’m assuming you’d want to know about it so you can correct it before anyone ELSE who might be anal about this sees it!!! I think this is the one word I’ve pointed out to you before – you must have some kind of mental thing about it!!! You spelled RIDICULOUS as rEdiculous. And that’s wrong. It just is. You’re welcome. (After all, what are sisters for, if not to point out their loved ones’ faults??!!)
STILL love you!!!!

Our human then pointed out to her that NO ONE other than the sister and her ever notice things like spelling or grammar errors. Obviously, there is one human with too much time on her hands (mine) and another who shouldn't be spending her time reading blogs when she's supposed to be WORKING (and I've alerted Michael, Frankie and Sassy about this and they promise to have a word with her AFTER treats). Oh and one more thing: if I had opposable thumbs and were able to type, I would NOT be freaking capitalizing every other word like both of THEM do. Having to dictate one's words to a human is sooooo irritating).