Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Are Sending Our Vet's Kids To College

Due to the tremendous amount of time the human has been spending tending to the needs of her husband and human and animal friends, she hasn't been able to assist me with my blog.  However, Holly appears to be on the road to heartworm recovery, the husband's shoulder is repairing itself, and I survived the horror of being shoved in a cat carrier and getting drugged at the vet where they yanked out my teeth and stuck something plastic up my butt!  Not to mention getting stabbed with needles and being told that I weigh 13 pounds.  I swore I would NEVER AGAIN be thrust into the carrier, but darn if she didn't do it a week later.  And I got another shot, horror of horrors!!!  (Note from the human: we decided that in order to keep all my fingers we wouldn't attempt to give Poonie antibiotics in pill form, so the shot he received was a whopping dose of germkiller juice).

OK.  Now on to the silliness that is Boogie.  Guess what she thought she was going to be for Halloween?
A PENGUIN!  How pathetic is THAT?!

Yes, yes, yes.  He has great big yellow eyes.  So what?

This is Holly on drugs.  You can't simply tell a Chihuahua to calm down when they're on heartworm treatment--even when she actually had a near-death experience she didn't learn from it so the vet put her on downers.  And would you look at that belly?  This dog needs a girdle, stat!

As you can see, I was NOT a happy camper when I came home from the vet.  This is me, under the bed in the guest room. 

I'm ok now and back to ruling the roost around here.  Don't I look imperious?  Am I not THE most handsome, most wonderful cat in the whole wide world?  Thank you, I KNEW you'd agree!