Sunday, November 15, 2009

Squashy Face Lands In A Minefield

I know you've all been waiting anxiously to hear about my recovery, and I'm happy to say I've never been better.  Apparently having your teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled does more than eliminate bad breath--I can now actually chew my food and digest it properly!  I haven't hurled since I got home from that hellhole of a vet's office (of course, there's a downside: she can leave me alone now and believe I won't be leaving little surprises all over the floor.  Guess she hasn't heard of "paw down the throat"--can't have her thinking she can just take off WHENEVER).

I felt sure that Boo would get a major beating when she found him sitting in the middle of the pool table, surrounded by various breakable and rare items, but instead, SHE TAKES HIS PICTURE!  Jeez, this little s**thead is untouchable!  I mean, that's part of a rare pair of California pottery Indonesian dancer figurines and part of her damn precious stickpin collection. 

Yup, for sure, the paw goes down my throat the very next time she leaves the house.