Sunday, November 15, 2009

Squashy Face Lands In A Minefield

I know you've all been waiting anxiously to hear about my recovery, and I'm happy to say I've never been better.  Apparently having your teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled does more than eliminate bad breath--I can now actually chew my food and digest it properly!  I haven't hurled since I got home from that hellhole of a vet's office (of course, there's a downside: she can leave me alone now and believe I won't be leaving little surprises all over the floor.  Guess she hasn't heard of "paw down the throat"--can't have her thinking she can just take off WHENEVER).

I felt sure that Boo would get a major beating when she found him sitting in the middle of the pool table, surrounded by various breakable and rare items, but instead, SHE TAKES HIS PICTURE!  Jeez, this little s**thead is untouchable!  I mean, that's part of a rare pair of California pottery Indonesian dancer figurines and part of her damn precious stickpin collection. 

Yup, for sure, the paw goes down my throat the very next time she leaves the house. 


  1. Poonie, So you got your teeth cleaned and 2 pulled? And now you have fresh breath? CiCi and GinGin want to come over and give you a kiss!!
    Your Mommy loves you--so please stop barfing on her stuff--find out some other way to annoy her. Like maybe shedding on certain things...but whatever you do don't claw anything--or are you declawed?
    CiCi and GinGin can give you shedding lessons if you need them.

  2. Poonie-
    Forget the paw down the throat move! You'll just give yourself fur balls! Instead, grab a bottle of Ipecac syrup from the medicine cabinet, take a few sips, then you'll ipecac all over the couch, the bed, a pile of vintage linens...anywhere but the linoleum! Oh, but before you drink the ipecac, eat something red, green, or a box of crayons, so the ipecac scares the crap out of HER. But don't overdo it or you'll be back at the vet with your eyes crossed again!

    From Lucy Cat
    RIP but Channeled through my Crazy Woman who always talks about chickens since my demise!

  3. Ah, my two favorite humans, Miz Angel and Miz Chicky Snack! My former human had my front claws removed or I would've scratched everyone's eyes out years ago. We don't need any shedding lessons, thank you very much--there are fur tumbleweeds rolling around here like nobody's business. I always try to at least upchuck on a chair or better yet, their crappy shag carpet. The only time I get it on the linoleum is due to an inability to run fast enough to get to the carpet. And always nice to meet a female cat, even if she's a ghost. Meow!