Sunday, November 8, 2009

OK, What's With This Dog Getting All The Attention On MY Blog???

What's the freaking deal, folks?  Here I have this blog dedicated to the Most Wonderful Cat in the World and all you can talk about is this big fat worm-ridden DOG?! 

So apparently no one knows (or cares) that "she" left me alone again, but I managed to throw up seven times while she was gone.  She had even gone to the trouble of crushing up a huge bowl of Iams, but I showed HER!

In my anguish over being ignored I have even tried to be extra-sweet--I just came into her office where she's sitting at the computer and STOOD UP AND PUT MY PAWS UP ON HER LEG.  This is MAJOR for me, everyone, just MAJOR!  And what happens?  She says, "Poonie, I know you're just doing that to get some food," and pushes me down. 

If I had claws, they'd be sunk deep into her thunder thighs as we speak. 

Begrudgingly, I must say that Holly is doing better after the blood clot incident, so much better that she was taken to an art festival yesterday where she rode around in a baby stroller and charmed the pants off everyone who saw her.  Had it been me in that stroller, of course, I would have hissed and growled at all those horrible little children who kept saying things like, "Look Mommy, it's a baby doggie in da stwohla" and "Daddy, can I pet the puppy, pweese?" 

I heard through the grapevine, however, that one of the reasons Holly was so agreeable to all that disgusting attention was because she was completely zoned out on doggie Oxycodone or Oxycontin or something.  I'm sure you could have set off an atomic bomb under her buggy and she would have gone, "Oh.  Was that an atomic bomb?  Far out."

Anyway, she's getting better and the vet says the first couple weeks of the treatment are the worst sooooo hopefully we'll be getting back to MY fascinating exploits soon.