Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr. Wonderful Gets His Picture Taken

Whenever the human goes into her office, I usually pay her a visit at some point.

My favorite thing to do is to wind my way through all the boxes and stuff on the floor and then start banging on the closet door until she yells at me. Then I find a nice spot to hide and wait for Mr. Squashy Face to come in so I can jump him. The problem with that is he never comes into the room, having learned his lesson the hard way.

Apparently the human thought I looked extraordinarily handsome and mysterious and managed to snap me peering over the box. She's getting pretty good at catching us at adorably cute moments. Here's another one for your viewing (please note that she cropped out the mess on the floor: wires, files, a stack of stock information that she never looks at anymore. Wonder why? She does own up to being a lousy housekeeper and I will certainly vouch for THAT!).