Monday, October 19, 2009

She ALWAYS Gets All The Attention!!

Life is so unfair.  Here I am, really trying hard to be NICE these days, and the damn dog still gets all the attention.  Of course, there's no way in h*ll I'd let them carry me around with a sticker on my head and Mardi Gras beads around my neck, but that's just me.

They went into New Orleans on Saturday with the visiting niece--went to the Blues & BBQ Fest and then into the French Quarter for libations (Pat O'Brien's Hurricanes) and apparently the rediculous sticker and beads were courtesy of a bunch of drunks belonging to a walking club.  A walking club in New Orleans is just an excuse to meet up with a bunch of humans and walk from one bar to another.  The idea of actually walking for EXERCISE makes everyone laugh so much they nearly choke on their cocktails.

All I know is--they didn't get home until 8 pm and dinner was VERY late.  No more Mr. Nice Guy, humans.  I'm back to hissing, growling and pooping outside the box.

Heartworm Update:  Holly should be starting treatment this week.  Due to a bad reaction to her annuals last year, this year they're being spaced a week apart and they need to get through them before starting the heartworm treatment (tomorrow is the final shot).  Holly has been coughing now and then but is still the happy little doggy she's always been.  I've heard from several people regarding the treatment with mostly positive comments, although Cousin Gwen said her dog got diabetes from it so will have to check on that. 

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and kind!  Your thoughts mean alot to me!