Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evil Mom Strikes Again!

The human gets kind of giddy around this time of year--she goes to Walmart and Target and sees all the wonderful pet costumes and hopes, yet again, that her charges are finally going to ENJOY getting dressed up and having their pictures taken. That's a fat one.
Look at how overjoyed Boo looks with his festive Halloween collar. He's obviously thinking he would love to put a claw right through her eyeball.

And Holly was thinking, "Well, that's a relief--HE gets to look stupid this time."


"Hey, what about Boogie? She's gotta go through this too!"

"No way Hosita--I'm too big for that cat collar."


I just looooove a good floor show.

Happy October!!


  1. I love these! Poor Boo looks like he's going to explode into a rage. Watch your back! And the ears on Boogie...he looks so ashamed! You are a funny girl!

  2. CUTE! Loads of fun -- for the humans, anyway! ;) Sean bought a chicken hat at Target the other day... it's for cats, but it fits Teddy. It's hilarious, but Teddy, of course, will shake it off as soon as he can! Ah, well....

  3. you are soo lucky to have such a wonderful mommy to buy you stuff like that.
    do you know if they have any sparkly ones?
    cici and gingin

  4. Cici & Gingin: My human tried to use one of those elastic ponytail bands with a bunch of glittery fabric attached to them as a cat collar on Boo. She nearly strangled him. Hey--wanna give it a shot? Your pal, Poonie