Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Encounter of the Emu Kind

After hearing about Anna M's meet-up with grumpy llamas and an emu or two, we remembered when one of the local emus came for a visit.  I'll let Poonie tell it:

Here comes Dinner, just a-walkin' down the road.  It's an escapee from the Emu Farm!

He ran headlong into our woods.  Come back, Dinner, come back!

"Huh?" said Dinner.  "Wut's that there car doin' here?  Ah cain't drahve."  Dinner might look tasty, but there's not alot going on upstairs . . .

"Uh oh," said Dinner.  "John Q approacheth.  Better hightail it outta here.  He's pretty slow, and I can always kick him in the 'nads."

Dinner was eventually corralled after leading our local lawmen on a wild chase.  Hopefully there weren't any banks being robbed or Southern women deflowered while this was going on. 

But man, wouldn't this have made a goose dinner look like just a snack?  Yum-ME!


  1. our mommy is scared of all things with feathers...if she had seen this in our back yard it would have sent her right over the edge.
    cici and gingin

  2. I love it! Instead of a wild goose chase, ya'll had a wild emu chase! Did you get to hear the drum beat noise they make in their chests? It sounds like you are parked next to a two door Toyota with the bass cranked up! This would keep Poonie in catfood for years!