Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I took Holly and Boo to the vet yesterday for their annual checkups.  I was doing ok right up until the tech showed me the results of Holly's heartworm test.  Positive.  Can I tell you that I am EXTREMELY upset about this since I have been giving her Heartgard on a regular basis all her life?  I checked my calendar, and there was one month when I went 5 weeks instead of 4 but the vet said that since the medicine really only needs to be given every 6 weeks we were still within the "comfort zone". 

I feel like crying and hitting something, someone, anything.  I KNOW there's treatment for this and the vet said that every dog they've treated has come through successfully, but do you know how UNFAIR this is?  I know several people who don't give their dogs Heartgard--hell, my own mother didn't give it to Boogie for years and she's ok, so far.  The fact that it's expensive doesn't fly with me--if you can't afford to keep your dog healthy and protected, you don't deserve to HAVE a dog.

We are notifying the makers of Heartgard since they do guarantee the product and if you can prove you've given the medication as per instructions, they will (probably very grudgingly) pay for the treatment.  Which at my vet comes to a grand total of $585. 

My vet also said that they're finding that, for some unknown reason as of yet, dogs in the Mississippi Delta region (that's central--we're in southern Mississippi) are not responding to certain meds, as well as Heartgard, so that is under research.

Please pray for my darling Holly.  I will be positive about this and I KNOW she'll get through it.  There's just this little nagging bit of guilt that keeps saying, "You let her go over 4 weeks.  How do you know that's not how she got it?"  Ah, jeeeeeeez.


  1. DO NOT think that YOU caused your baby to get heartworms. No offense..but you don't have that kinda power. It is what it is. You will get it handled and things will work out. Weird about the not responding stuff?? Something in the water or bad batch??hmmmm?? Hope they figure it out. But, your dog getting them is like people, too. Why do some people respond to vaccines and antibiotics, but others don't?? Why are some people naturally immune to things that others die from? Why do some people in same families get cancer and others don't? All you can do is your best to ensure health and the rest is up to our higher power, God. So, quit beatin' yourself are a wonderful, caring mommy!

    PS: I am always on the fence about high school reunions and a few I could done without, but I usually always see at one person that makes it worthwhile! I totally understand what you said!

  2. Poor, sweet Holly...
    Rowdy and Teddy have their paws together and heads bowed...she will be ok! ;)

  3. Holly will be fine! You are not at fault. Look at it this that you know the meds weren't working, you will take the next step to eradicate the worms. You will hold Heartgard acoountable, hence, protecting more than just your Holly. In the meantime, I do believe that prayers are answered for humans and animals. Both of you will be in mine tonight! Give her belly a scratch for me.

  4. oh no, but i agree with t. lee, sometimes despite the best efforts of everyone--medications just don't work.
    but holly will be fine. she has everything she needs to get well, good medicine, a good vet and more than anything else, a good mama who loves her dearly--and will be there with her every step of the way to nurse her through this.
    we will send up little prayers for her tonight.

  5. I just want you to know that I am praying for sweet Holly and I know she'll be ok. You are not at fault at all. It's not your fault that the meds didn't work. Hopefully this is just as isolated case and the mosquitos are not mutating. The good thing is that you caught in time and the vet feels sure she'll be ok. In all the years I've know you, you have been nothing if not a caring Mom to all of your babies.