Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pet Wars, Part I

Holly: "Hey, who just pushed my bed off the bed?"
Boo: "Heh, heh, The Stealthy Squashy Face approaches, undetected!"

Holly: "Oh, for gosh sakes, it's that darn cat thinking he's invisible again."
Boo: "Ever more stealthily, the graceful feline commando circles the unsuspecting dee oh gee."

Holly: OK, now I'm getting mad. Stop it!
Boo: "Like a snake, he slithers over the Wall of Protection and into Operations Central."

Holly: "Now that's going too far, you creep. Ouch!"

Holly: "Oh, good grief, I give up. Sigh."
Boo: "Mission accomplished. Naptime!"


  1. Hi Poonie, thanks for the compliments. We think you, Boo and Holly are cute too. Our Mommie does not want us to have boyfriends, 'cause she keeps saying something about we are not spayed..(do you know what that means?) but we are on the look out for boyfriends...can you hook us up? Please don't tell Mommie!!
    CiCi and GinGin

  2. Ladies: Firstly, I would advise you not to advertise the fact that you are on the prowl or your human will have 5,000 curs barking at your door. Secondly, there's a semi-cute dee-oh-gee down the road who might fill the bill. He is constantly bugging the girls and they ARE spayed. All right, so he's not a genius, but then again, what dee-oh-gee IS?